Blog for Guelph Hair salonHappy Holidays!
Start the New Year off with a new look!
I love the new year because it feels like a chance to start again. With a new start, I always feel inspired to express the new me with a new look. Instead of investing in a new wardrobe, I will change the one accessory that I never leave the house without- my hair…
But change doesn’t have to be drastic to be impactful. If you would like to keep the length of your hair, you can add more layers around your face, add bangs, or change any existing bangs. And as for your hair colour, ask your stylist if it is possible to try a different tone of colour. Tone can be either warm or cool, or a mix of both, so there are lots of options to explore. And if these tips still seem too permanent, try a new styling product.
There are endless possibilities to choose from. Sometimes just a little shine spray turns into a great hair day!