Guelph Hair Salon ServicesLike most women, I have brown hair – a very boring, mousy brown that lacks any vibrancy. I can’t help but imagine that if my hair colour was blonde, how much more fulfilled my everyday life would be. My imaginary blonde self would look more like a model, the sidewalks becoming my catwalk. Men would want me, women would want to be me; and of course as a blonde, I would be having more fun… Right?

But the reality sets in and I learn that it takes a lot of work to look that good. So here are the red flags every wannabe blonde should know before impulsively bleaching away our brunette boredom.

1) The lighter the shade of blonde that is chosen, the more obvious your roots are when they grow in, so be prepared for more frequent visits to the hairdresser.

2) Lightening your hair can be damaging and drying, so switching to a shampoo and conditioner meant for blondes will keep your hair soft and shiny.

3) When you drastically change your hair colour you may need to adjust the choice of colour for your makeup as well. I like to add a bronzer to help give a healthy glow so that my skin doesn’t look washed out.