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So a friend recently asked me to be honest, and proceeded to ask, “why do hair salons discourage us from dying our hair at home, is it about the money?”

OMG! I thought… Does everyone think this way? I have to set the record straight!

I realize that sometimes we feel that we can save the big bucks by a quick and easy do-it yourself process. When we see the commercials promising easy application with luminous, radiant, goddess-like results, we think, “Why wouldn’t I do-it myself?”

Now fast forward 2 hours later…..

Cue the tears… and make the phone call to your trusty hairdresser, “I tried to colour my hair and now it’s green!” Or now it’s black, or my roots are orange, or my hair has broken off completely!

I see this happen all of the time and to be honest, (as I promised my friend) this is when hair salons make the most money. Correcting colour is very tricky and you have to have extensive knowledge to do it properly. What was once a $25 dye job, quickly turns into several hours at the hair salon. It requires usually 3 times the amount of work that a normal colour would be, resulting in a bill that can be almost $300, sometimes more.

So I blog to you today because if it were about making money, I would encourage people to experiment with colour at home regularly; but that is not the case. As a stylist, I want the best for your hair so that you feel great everyday and I can keep your loyalty as a client.

As stylists, we take pride in our job and you as our client.  We carefully select the best products for you, considering the healthiest options for your hair. Not picking any old colour, but what works best with your skin tone and eye colour. From there we analyze the condition of your hair, its texture and porosity. We formulate with precision to neutralize unwanted warm tones or cover resistant grey hair. We also plan for the future for those ladies that like to go from brunette to blonde and back again.

So thank you to my friend for shedding some light on this myth and allowing me to bust on through it. If you have any more myths or questions about hair, please email us through our Contacts page on our website. You could be the next inspiration for our upcoming blogs!

Photo credit: marimoon / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA