Guelph Hair Salon ServicesA student from the University of Guelph recently used our salon for a project in which she was to do an environmental audit. Through her research we discovered several ways that we could become more environmentally friendly. In all honesty,  I was nervous when approached to do something like this. Hair salons are not the kindest to Mother Earth, and I was embarrassed to admit that. Of course once I saw the positive changes that were possible I was pumped, but it was also overwhelming because I had no idea where to start.

By coincidence, Shane Price walked into my salon a couple of days later to introduce me to his company called Green Circle Salons.

Green Circle Salons is a movement in our industry that helps us make more responsible choices for personal beauty and health. They ensure that our foils, colour tubes, plastics, papers and chemicals are redirected from our landfills and water streams into more innovative solutions. For example, hair can be used to make fiber mats that can clean up oil spills. (There is an average of 4 oil spills a day in Canada.)

For Kermit the frog it may not be easy to be green, but for Malkim it is!

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