Oh baby! It is COLD outside!

I am writing to you on possibly the coldest day that we have had this winter. So instead of ignoring the icicles at my window, I will let this day be my inspiration for my first blog of 2012. But to write this blog I first have to share with you something that I have found embarrassing for most of my life. So here it goes – I have very dry skin, specifically on my scalp.

Okay, maybe it doesn’t seem that bad, but for anyone who experiences this, you know what I am talking about. In fact, a lot of our clients experience a dry scalp at this time of year. The dry winter air is unforgiving, causing uncomfortable, itchy, and flaking skin. (It’s the “flaking” that I am embarrassed about. Is flaking a word???? :P)

Anyway, now that I am a hairdresser, I know that this is very common and it is certainly nothing to be embarrassed about.

Usually when a person asks me about their scalp condition, they lower their voice to a whisper and say, “In the winter I get really bad dandruff.” But I think that for most people it is not technically dandruff. Just a dry scalp. Dandruff is not clearly understood, but in general, it is believed to be an infection of the scalp. It is characterized by excessive production, shedding and accumulation of surface cells. I can only think of 2 cases in my entire career that someone had what I believe is dandruff. Most people that have irritation are only lacking some moisture.

So here are some tips that I have developed over the years….

1. If I am going out for a special night, I avoid wearing dark colours. That way I won’t be worrying about flakes sitting on my shoulder. I can just have a good time.

2. I stay away from really fragrant shampoos. I found that kinds like Fructis or Herbal Essences made the irritation much worse.

3. I use shampoo that is specifically made for a dry scalp. The best formula I have come up with is L’Oreal Sensi-Balance Shampoo and Pureology Hydrate Conditioner. (The conditioner has peppermint which is a natural moisturiser and the shampoo uses sorbitol and vitamin pp to soothe and protect the scalp.)

4. I try to avoid blow-drying my hair as much as possible. The extreme heat is irritating for your skin.

5. Ask your hairdresser for a professional scalp treatment. They are applied during your visit at the salon and have a higher concentration of moisturisers. It is similar to a facial, but meant for your scalp.

I hope that these tips are helpful and that someone out there will feel better after reading this. If you have any more tips I would love to hear them. Email us through our website or facebook, or twitter.

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