I was having trouble deciding what to blog about this month, but the idea was revealed to me as I had four women ask about Ombre.

It was a shock to hear the word Ombre, and even more shocking to hear it mentioned three more times. Every season L’Oreal comes out with a collection of styles inspired by the runway, and I have never had someone ask me for this look specifically by the name. Until now….

So what is this Ombre that seems to be in popular demand?

Ombre is a highlighting technique where the root is darkest and it becomes lighter in the lengths of the hair. Think of Sarah Jessica Parker or Drew Barrymore. You can customize the types of colours used to create a more natural or more dramatic effect, that way we don’t all end up with the same cookie cutter hair-do’s.

Ombre Hairstylist In GuelphThe nice part about this technique is that it is a low maintenance way of colouring your hair. So if you are afraid of commitment, this could be the right look for you. I think of it as being both bohemian and chic.

It can also be great for those of us that look best with dark browns, but are feeling a bit bored with the same old. And it is easy to go back to brown if you decide to do so.

One thing to remember is that even though Ombre is a natural look, the process takes the same amount of time and product as traditional highlights, therefore the cost will be very similar. Unfortunately, it still costs money to look effortlessly gorgeous (go figure…). The good news is that you can wait longer between visits to the salon.

Whatever you decide to try this spring season, be prepared to change your type of shampoo, and possibly the colour choices for your clothing and makeup. Some may find this to be too much to worry about, but for me, this is what I live for! In fact, I’m going to be putting my own creative spin on Ombre this upcoming spring.

So stay tuned to see what I come up with next…

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