Hair Salons in Guelph

The shampoo and conditioner that we use at Malkim is very special. Using organic botanicals, the essence of various plants nurture our hair and scalp in a luxurious manner. I am learning so much about natural solutions, such as aromatherapy, and I wanted to share the benefits of some of the ingredients that you will find in our Pureology products.

Coconut Oil

Has a moisture retaining capacity because it does not evaporate easily, therefor locking moisture in. Prevents breakage and contains vitamin E.

Olive Oil

Believe it or not, oil is a cleanser. Adds moisture and softness and smooths dry scaly skin, especially in winter.


Molecular structure is similar to human sebum. Strengthens and moisturizes. Promotes growth, prevents hair loss that is unrelated to genetics. Unclogs follicles.


Brightens blonde hair and adds shine. Soothes irritation of scalp.


Balances pH level of scalp, whether oily or dry. Soothes itchiness and stimulates follicles to promote growth.

Tea Tree

Natural antiseptic, removes build up and clarifies. Great for oily or dry scalp. Removes dead skin cells and stimulates growth.

Soy, Oat and Wheat

Rich in protein that strengthens hair.

Shitake Mushroom

Increases elasticity, which helps prevent breakage. Rich in vitamin D and anti-oxidants.


Omega 6 fatty acids nourish to prevent breakage. Protects colour from fading.

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