Guelph Hair Salons Wedding Up Dos

‘Tis the season for planning the upcoming weddings of 2013. In the past month we have had many brides come to us for suggestions with hairstyles, makeup and fashion. Our dear team member Michele recently tied the knot and has helped me prepare some beauty related tips. If you are planning your own wedding or know someone that is, these easy tips will alleviate stress and guide your decision making.

Wedding Hair Tip 1

Plan your hairstyle in advance: Avoid drastic changes to your colour and cut close to the big day. It is important to to feel like yourself.

Wedding Hair Tip 2

Book a trial session for hair and makeup: This is a fun time to experiment and decide which style suits you best. Bring pictures of styles that you like for inspiration. Take pictures during your transformation to share with you family or friends to get their feedback.

Wedding Hair Tip 3

Bring your accessories: If you have any jewelry, a fascinator and/or veil your stylist will need to practice your style with these pieces included. Sometimes a piece needs to be altered or you may decide that it is not the right piece altogether. It is better to discover this in a practice run rather than the day of the wedding.

Wedding Hair Tip 4

Assemble a beauty bag: Be prepared and stay fresh…

  • Lipgloss
  • Concealer
  • Powder to ensure a matte finish
  • Fragrance
  • Hairspray
  • Bobbi pins
  • Hem tape and safety pins
  • Stain remover wipes
  • Dental floss
  • Nail file
  • Tweezers
  • Feminine hygeine products
  • Breath mints

Wedding Hair Tip 5

Tell a white lie: Okay let me explain this one… In our experience, it takes longer than expected for the dresses to arrive after they have been ordered. Michele and other brides we have had at the salon agreed that they should have lied about the date. By choosing an earlier date they would have been less pressed for time. If there is a dress store that is very punctual with their timing, I apologize for criticizing. As I have said before, this is just based on our experience, and the suggestions of other brides.

Wedding Hair Tip 6

Be careful with spray tans: We all know the danger of sitting in a hot tanning bed, so a natural reaction would be to just spray one on. This is not a bad idea. Just be sure to test it out first. Obviously we don’t want to look orange, that’s not the concern. What you really have to look out for is the potential of it staining your white dress. So give it trial run first and see how well it holds. You may decide a tanning bed is the way to go so wear the proper protective creams. I like a bronzing cream to add extra glow with less time under the lights.

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