Dry Shampoo: The Game Changer

07 May

Guelph Hair salon products

Oh how I do love to be dramatic; but without exaggeration, I am here to proclaim that my life has changed forever.

Fresh Dust dry shampoo has been the latest edition to our hair salon in Guelph and it has become a staple in our styling regime.

The benefits: Absorbs oil, adds lots of volume, gives a soft romantic texture to any style, and has a soft pretty scent.

I started using dry shampoo as a time saver. I need my hair to look it’s best everyday, but I really don’t have the time to wash, blowdry and curl everyday. (Who does?)

I still have a shower everyday, I just use a shower cap or put my hair in a bun and be mindful not to get it wet.

Now I can wear the same style for three days and as each day passes my hair looks better and better. It helps to prevent the natural oils from building up. So even when I am sleeping on a messy bed head, I wake up and I love how it looks.

I am receiving tons of compliments and I am literally putting in half the effort. Seriously. Game changer.

I just throw my head upside down and spray throughout the roots and under my bangs. Simple.

So if you have limp, oily hair that could use a volume boost, jump on the bandwagon and make your life easier. We all deserve to be effortlessly gorgeous.

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