Guelph Hair Salon blog post

I used to envy ladies with wavy, curly hair. Beautiful, bouncing curls that play and jump. Wind tousled waves that are effortlessly gorgeous.

My straight hair fell flat in comparison. Super flat…

How disappointed was I to learn that these ladies have an ongoing battle. That there was a dark side to what had seemed like a day at the beach.

A side that is fluffy, and pouffy and frizzy. This can be caused by a lack of moisture, chemical damage (ex. blonde highlights) or mechanical damage ( ex. flat iron). We can use shampoo, conditioner, treatments and oils to help, but some would like a more impactful result.


One option is Xtenso, which is a permanent chemical smoothing treatment. It alters the texture by smoothing the cuticle of the hair shaft and is great for managing the frizz in humidity.

If you are afraid of commitment, than using a Steam Pod Treatment is the perfect answer. Ironically, this steam method drastically improves the health of hair, shine and smoothness. As a hairdresser, I am thrilled that I have a new tool that exceeds the expectation of what straight hair is.

You can use both methods for those who want straight hair forever and always. The straight hair extremists. They are out there, trail blazing the battle agianst fluffy, puffy….. okay, you get the idea.