ID-10080760Gossip girls, yes. But we also have gossip women. Gossip men. Gossip seniors and gossip kids.

I’m talking about an observation that I have made while spending my days in the salon.

Almost everyone reaches for the gossip magazine. Even when many other choices are available. Even those who say they don’t really believe these stories, they don’t like them and they never read them, will reach out for that magazine and begin to flip the pages.

I have had a daydream that I get rid of all of our magazines. It’s an internal struggle of mine. We know that these media images can have a serious negative impact. I think most would agree with me.

But when I see everyone, young and old taking a peek inside the covers, I can’t help but feel that deep down we love these things. But why?????

Do we need to see these seemingly perfect, beautiful people in a terrible outfit without makeup?

Maybe we rely on gossip magazines to break the myth of the airbrushed beauties.

Does someone unattractive make us feel more attractive?

What if we didn’t care about the Hollywood people? Would we feel differently about ourselves?

Maybe they are not good or evil. Maybe it is up to us to decide how much they impact our self esteem and what they are worth to us.

So for now, I choose to see them as a reminder that no one is perfect and to be grateful that no one is taking sneaky pictures of me bent over in a bathing suit.

What do you guys think?

1 thought on “Gossip Girls

  1. You might be right Mike, but I wouldn’t know because all my free time vaporized before I could really follow those shows.I think that I had some classes with Judge at UCSD since we were in the same department for the same couple of years there. And look at me now! See?!

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