Happy Spring Everyone!!!

21 Apr
Spring is finally here at Malkim Hair Salon

Chick and bunnies wishing you a happy spring!!!

Let me start off by saying, I am delighted to be writing a little something something to you all for the first time since joining the Malkim team last month! We are now offering Esthetic Services, and these little chicks and bunnies wanted to help formally introduce our nail polish, and show you their favourite colourful picks!

From the makers of Shellac, come in and experience your next nail service with CND Vinylux Polish! Enjoy week long wear (really!) with your manicure. Exposure to natural light secures the ProLight technology, creating a long-lasting polish. Vinylux dries naturally and strengthens its resistance to chips over time, and conveniently comes off at home with regular nail polish remover.

Pretty neat stuff! I have worked with lots of different polish brands over the years, and this was love at first sight, for days, because I kept waking up to perfect nails! My first experience with it was when I gave myself a mani/pedi for my vacation in Mexico, and it survived the week beautifully! I have even been pleasantly surprised to see how it lasts for our fantastic Malkim stylists, who are very hard on their hands. After a week of shampooing up a storm, their polish has needed to be redone more as a result of nail growth, than the wear and tear on their fingertips.

One of my favourite things about it is that it has a pretty speedy drying time. I would say after 15 minutes, still be careful, but you can relax. No more post-mani paranoia, lasting for hours, worrying that your next move will smudge a nail and leave you shrieking, ‘Noooooooooo!!!’ in your most high pitch girly voice… We’ve all been there 😉

Vinylux Garden Muse nail polish colours

Vinylux Garden Muse collection

The latest Vinylux collection Garden Muse will be available for retail at Malkim soon! Be sure to check out our Instagram, as I’m sure we will have some fun with it when it arrives. I swear it’s like being a little kid on Christmas morning!

Thanks for letting me share my excitement!!

Love, Veronica

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