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The title of this blog may seem a little off to you… But hey, If you can’t fight the heat… just work with it!! 

Coming from someone who has no air conditioning in their house, I for one hate using the blow dryer after I shower!  You work so hard washing your hair, making it all clean and smelling fresh. Once you blow dry your hair, all of that hard work goes to waste. You’re sweaty, sticky, hot, and your hair ends up even more frizzy!

For me, I normally wash my hair every other day. Once I wash it, I will put a light hair oil through my lengths and ends to put moisture back into it. I than let it air dry and once it is completely dry I will re-apply the oil to help control frizz. When it comes to styling my hair, I like to keep it simple in the summer. The less work and less sweating, the better!  

Summer time is all about the beach waves, braids, and lose curls. Oh yes, and let’s not forget the messy buns! 

I love to create a beach wave in my hair during the summer for a more natural look. It’s super cute and pretty yet also very easy to achieve! I do this style a lot during the summer because of how easy it is, and I love how it controls my frizz from the humidity. It’s the perfect style when you’re running late in the morning but want to be a little sassy! 

Step 1; Grab a section of your hair, and place the flat iron 3 to 4 inches down from your root. 

Step 2; Gently run the flat iron down the strand while doing a back and forth motion creating a crimp/ wave.

Step 3; Continue doing that till complete.  Once you’re finished run your fingers through it to break it all up. Spray in a little Sea Salt Spray or Hair spray if necessary. 

Check out my hair tutorial video for more help with your summer beach waves. I hope it helps you create the perfect wave and helps you kick your frizzy hair in the butt! No need to get frustrated with the heat and frizz this summer. As Simon would say “Just be lucky you have hair!”. 

Thanks for reading my blog and watching my tutorial you guys!  

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