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A lot of great short styles are walking out our door this time of year. Simon and Kim have cut some really creative, disconnected shapes, while Andrea and Mallory have had some dramatic makeovers. We’ve had some very generous clients donating their long locks. Julianne has had some new ideas for clients that are looking for a change but, still want to stay short. It’s been a lot of fun. Lots of hair hitting the floor.

Here are a few tips from the hairdressers for all our “shorties” out there.

  1. Put a pea size of your favourite produce in the palm of your hand. Then rub your hands together.  (The friction heats up the product, making it easier to distribute evenly)
  2. Start in the back then work the product in as you go, moving towards the face. (This avoids getting that greasy look in the bangs)
  3. Push the hair back and forth to ensure the hair strands get a coating from every angle. (A thorough application makes the hair more “mouldable”. Therefore giving you a longer lasting style.)

Have a great hair day.

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