Hair Colours Dye Tips Malkim GuelphSince high school, I’ve been experimenting with my hair colour. I have LITERALLY been every colour of the rainbow, and throughout the years I learned several tips on how to keep those ruby reds vibrant, make those pastels (which everyone is loving right now) last a bit longer, ensure those brassy blondes stay ashy, and help those dark chocolate browns stay rich!

TIP #1: Invest In A Colour Protecting Shampoo & Conditioner

There are tons and tons of different shampoos that help pro-long and protect your colour. There are many that will target all hair colour types like our Davines “Minu” line, but if you have bright red hair or the gorgeous platinum blonde, you may want to look for a shampoo and conditioner that targets your colour specifically.

For your lovely blonde I would suggest a purple (that’s right I said PURPLE) shampoo and/or conditioner. The purple will help take out all of the brassy (orangey) colour in your hair while adding that moisture you need. *WARNING DO NOT OVER USE PURPLE SHAMPOO! MAY RESULT IN PURPLE HAIR* Purple shampoo is not to be abused. We suggest using it every other time you get in the shower, but have no fear, IF your hair turns purple… it will fade and wash out. Our L’Oreal Silver shampoo is amazing as well as our Davines Alchemic Silver line.

For all those vibrant reds and stunning coppers, you will want a shampoo and/or conditioner that helps with the anti-fading process, especially for red heads! All us red heads know how horrible it is when our colour fades to that yucky orange colour. You will want a shampoo that has some kind of toning power to keep that colour vibrant and lasting like our Davines Alchemic Reds & Coppers line (which is shampoo and conditioner… AMAZING).

TIP #2: Wash Hair With Cold Water

Yes, I said cold water… Unfortunately this will help keep your colour from fading. As much as we hate cold water when we shower, we must do it for the hair! I would recommend this more to anyone who knows their hair colour fades very fast, or anyone with a pastel or uncommon (blue, purple, green, etc.) hair colour. Don’t worry, once you wash your hair you can switch it back to warm water for the remainder of your glorious shower.

TIP #3: Pastels (The Richer The Colour, The Better!)Hair Colour Fade Pastel Malkim Salon

I wasn’t sure how to title this tip, but for all you pastel pink and purple lovers out there, I would recommend starting off as a very vibrant colour of your choice first. Pastels just don’t last as long in the hair. Period.

It really does suck because they look so beautiful in the pictures on Pinterest & all over the internet. Start off vibrant and your hair will eventually fade into that beautiful pastel colour you desire. YES I know this blog is to give tips on preventing your hair colour from fading BUT pastels break the rules in this case. I give you permission to fade out your pink hair. I will still recommend getting a colour protecting shampoo because out of most colours, people with pastel colours dye their hair the most. Your hair will be super duper happy if you are protecting it.

And there you have it folks, some tips I think will help all of you keep your colours vibrant and gorgeous. Hopefully these tips help some of you out, and I would LOVE to hear some feedback if any of you try them!