An amazing new addition to Malkim Hair Shop!

Evo Fabuloso Pro comes all the way from Australia, and we’re glad it made its way around the globe. Discover all your hair possibilities with Fabuloso.

Why Use Fabuloso Pro?

Fabuloso Pro is a great line to use in the salon to refresh, tone and enhance colour. With this colour treatment, the sky’s the limit…like hey, can I please have sky blue hair? Well yes, yes you can!

Can’t decide whether you want to be blonde or brunette? Take advantage of this semi-permanent option to turn your goldilocks into a rich chocolate with zero commitment. Four to sixteen washes later and you’ll be back to blonde, and ready for your next hair adventure. (Fading time depends on how deep the pigment was that was applied.)

Complete your service with a take-home customizable conditioner to take care of your fabulous new colour! Retail conditioners are available for hair that is normal to fine or coarse to damaged. Even better, this line is free of nasty ingredients, just full of colourful love for your hair!

How Is It Different?

Fabuloso Pro conditioners deposit the colour pigment into the shaft of the hair, and bonds to the hair fibre. Traditional colour maintenance shampoos or conditioners are less effective. Fabuloso Pro colour treatments are free of ammonia and peroxide, and they are not tested on animals. Plus, these colour treatments don’t damage your hair, and can actually help restore it and add moisture. The colour palette is unlimited, so you can have whatever colour you want!

Our salon artists have been having a blast with this new colour treatment so far!

Evo Fabuloso Pro now available at Malkim Hair Salon in Guelph

“I must say, my hair seems very happy after that colour. Soft. Great texture!” – Malkim client, one week after hair treatment


Evo Fabuloso Pro at Malkim Hair Shop in Guelph

Check out Mallory’s transformation!

Learn more about this fabulous new line by checking out the video below, and book your appointment to experience it yourself at Malkim Hair Shop in Guelph!


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