Hair mistakes you could be making from Malkim hair salon in Guelph

At Malkim Hair Shop in Guelph, we see a wide range of clients with unique hair issues every day. Most often, troublesome hair, breakage or unhealthy hair is caused by a lack of hair education. But the good news is, most of the damage you experience can be fixed by simply avoiding some common hair mistakes!

1. Not using a heat protector

Listen, we get it: over time, your hair routine changes and you start to cut steps out to shorten your routine. But one step you shouldn’t cut out is using a heat protector before using styling tools like hair dryers, flat irons and curling irons. Heat protectors are designed to protect your hair from the friction that causes damaged hair and split ends, and even insulates your hair from burning.

2. Avoiding deep conditioners

Deep conditioners are a pretty essential part of your weekly hair routine. Most women don’t condition their hair properly on a regular basis, so using a deep conditioner once a week can have a huge impact. Deep conditioning treatments help to repair your hair and get rid of frizz and breakage, so you have soft, silky hair once again.

3. Rough towel drying

Did you know that your hair is at its weakest and most vulnerable when it’s wet? Rubbing your hair with a towel is a great way to give yourself a bad hair day and even cause damage. Instead of rubbing a towel all over your head to speed up the drying process, gently squeeze out the excess water with a soft, absorbent towel and use a detangling spray to prevent frizz.

4. Styling while wet

We’re all busy, and we all look for ways to speed up our morning routines. But one thing you should never do is use flat irons and curling irons on wet hair. As mentioned above, your hair is particularly vulnerable when it’s wet, so avoid using these tools before it’s completely dry. You should avoid using the hottest setting on your hair dryer until your hair is about 80 per cent dry.

5. Washing too often

Like your skin, your hair contains natural oils that are essential to keeping it healthy. Overwashing your hair can strip it of these oils and throw off the natural balance. You should try to wash your hair every other day, or even every three days if you can. If your hair is coloured, this will also help to maintain the colour for longer. You can also use a dry shampoo between washes if your hair is feeling too oily and you need a quick refresh.

Another great way to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy, smooth and silky is to use the right products. Check out some of our best sellers!

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