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Short Hair Style Tips

08 Jun
short hair style

A lot of great short styles are walking out our door this time of year. Simon and Kim have cut some really creative, disconnected shapes, while Andrea and Mallory have had some dramatic makeovers. We’ve had some very generous clients donating their long locks. Julianne has had some new ideas for clients that are looking […]

Happy Spring Everyone!!!

21 Apr
Spring is finally here at Malkim Hair Salon

Let me start off by saying, I am delighted to be writing a little something something to you all for the first time since joining the Malkim team last month! We are now offering Esthetic Services, and these little chicks and bunnies wanted to help formally introduce our nail polish, and show you their favourite […]

Do It Yourself Updo Tips

18 Sep
Do it yourself updo tips from malkim hair salon

So this fall is full of weddings! And really, lets face it; Christmas parties are just around the corner. Here are some quick tips for those who may not have the technical skills. Just some tricks I’ve developed over the years. Curl your hair the day before : That way, the day of the event, […]

Is Ombre Still Cool?

29 Jul

Big question on everyone’s mind these days. Lets discuss… Pros Low maintenance Low commitment Has rocked the world of colourists by making us think outside the box Can be personalized for anyone Cons Like, everyone already did it Sometimes it takes a couple tries to get it exactly how you want it I can’t really […]

How to Grow Long Hair

09 May
Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 3.57.42 PM

1. Be nice to it… People are always telling me how they YANK on their hair while brushing and it hurts my heart (and my head). Brush your hair by starting from the bottom, and work your way up. 2. Don’t box dye…. Buy professional colour from a local beauty supply store that will sell […]

Hair Chalk

07 Apr
Hair Chalk Guelph Ontario

Do you want to be bold, stand out from the rest ,and have fun with your hair? Do you constantly catch yourself on Pinterest looking at funky, vibrant, or even pastel hair colours? Yet, you are hesitant to actually do anything “out of the ordinary” to your hair? Well do I have the solution for […]