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Fluffy, Pouffy, Frizzy hair: Oh My!

07 Jun
Guelph Hair Salon blog post

I used to envy ladies with wavy, curly hair. Beautiful, bouncing curls that play and jump. Wind tousled waves that are effortlessly gorgeous. My straight hair fell flat in comparison. Super flat… How disappointed was I to learn that these ladies have an ongoing battle. That there was a dark side to what had seemed […]

A Natural Solution

10 Nov
Hair Salons in Guelph

The shampoo and conditioner that we use at Malkim is very special. Using organic botanicals, the essence of various plants nurture our hair and scalp in a luxurious manner. I am learning so much about natural solutions, such as aromatherapy, and I wanted to share the benefits of some of the ingredients that you will […]

How to Use Shampoo

05 Jun
Guelph Hair Salon

Lather, rinse and repeat is the obvious answer, and it breaks my heart. I believe that shampoo is the most important part of my hair regime, yet few people appreciate the importance of this. Lather, rinse and repeat barely scratches the surface. I compare my shampoo to a facial cleanser. There are different skin types […]

Shine On, You Crazy Blonde

27 Feb
Ombre Hairstylist In Guelph

I was having trouble deciding what to blog about this month, but the idea was revealed to me as I had four women ask about Ombre. It was a shock to hear the word Ombre, and even more shocking to hear it mentioned three more times. Every season L’Oreal comes out with a collection of […]

Baby It’s Cold Outside

27 Jan
Guelph Hair Salon Services

Oh baby! It is COLD outside! I am writing to you on possibly the coldest day that we have had this winter. So instead of ignoring the icicles at my window, I will let this day be my inspiration for my first blog of 2012. But to write this blog I first have to share with you […]