Why We No Longer Offer Extensions

At Malkim Hair Shop, it’s our pleasure to provide our clients with the best in high quality hair and esthetician services and healthy hair. And in our effort to bring you high quality products and services, we’ve decided to stop offering hair extensions.

Hair extensions have seen a huge rise in popularity in the last few years and we believed for a long time that they were a great way to give our clients volume and length in their hair within minutes!

But the more we learned about extensions, the clearer it was to us that they’re not for us. But why?

Hair extensions cause breakage. Extensions can be heavy, and because they’re attached to your natural hair, the weight of them can pull and break your hair. They may break off, or even leave you with bald patches. We don’t think anything is worth those dangers.

They’re also unethical. The best, most natural hair extensions are made from real, natural human hair. But there’s a cost for this kind of product. Women in poorer countries including Russia often sell their hair to make enough money to feed their families – and they’re given just a small percentage of the sale. And some hair extensions are produced in factories in countries like India who pay their workers barely enough to live on.

In India as well, religious ceremonies in which women swap their hair for a blessing are common, and often their hair is turned into hair extensions.

At Malkim, healthy hair and ethical beauty standards are important to us. If you have any questions about our decision to stop providing hair extensions, we’d be happy to chat with you! Contact us.