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Women’s Hair Trends for Fall 2017

31 Aug
Fall hair trends 2017 from Malkim Hair Salon in Guelph

Fall is just around the corner, and the new season offers a chance to hit the reset button on our hair! After months of sun-kissed highlights and beach waves, it’s time for a change. These are some of our favourite hair trends for fall 2017! Laid-Back Waves Say goodbye to mermaid curls! If you have […]

Why Regular Haircuts Are Important

26 May
The importance of regular hair cuts from Malkim Hair Salon in Guelph

At Malkim Hair Shop in Guelph, we believe in providing our clients with the best hair salon services so they can look and feel their best! In addition to working with you to give you the look you want, we also believe it’s important to educate people so they can have healthy, gorgeous hair! The […]

Gossip Girls

08 Oct

Gossip girls, yes. But we also have gossip women. Gossip men. Gossip seniors and gossip kids. I’m talking about an observation that I have made while spending my days in the salon. Almost everyone reaches for the gossip magazine. Even when many other choices are available. Even those who say they don’t really believe these […]

A Natural Solution

10 Nov
Hair Salons in Guelph

The shampoo and conditioner that we use at Malkim is very special. Using organic botanicals, the essence of various plants nurture our hair and scalp in a luxurious manner. I am learning so much about natural solutions, such as aromatherapy, and I wanted to share the benefits of some of the ingredients that you will […]