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Gossip Girls

08 Oct

Gossip girls, yes. But we also have gossip women. Gossip men. Gossip seniors and gossip kids. I’m talking about an observation that I have made while spending my days in the salon. Almost everyone reaches for the gossip magazine. Even when many other choices are available. Even those who say they don’t really believe these […]

Shine On, You Crazy Blonde

27 Feb
Ombre Hairstylist In Guelph

I was having trouble deciding what to blog about this month, but the idea was revealed to me as I had four women ask about Ombre. It was a shock to hear the word Ombre, and even more shocking to hear it mentioned three more times. Every season L’Oreal comes out with a collection of […]

Baby It’s Cold Outside

27 Jan
Guelph Hair Salon Services

Oh baby! It is COLD outside! I am writing to you on possibly the coldest day that we have had this winter. So instead of ignoring the icicles at my window, I will let this day be my inspiration for my first blog of 2012. But to write this blog I first have to share with you […]

Shaved Bits and Blonde Tips

20 Oct
Guelph Ontario fashion

Something must be in Guelph’s water. There is a new movement happening inspired by our Malkim photoshoot. The haircut, executed by Simon has catapulted a wave of bravery for all women, all ages. No matter what the length of their hair, women have taken the plunge, and begun to shave off large portions of their […]