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Shaved Bits and Blonde Tips

20 Oct
Guelph Ontario fashion

Something must be in Guelph’s water. There is a new movement happening inspired by our Malkim photoshoot. The haircut, executed by Simon has catapulted a wave of bravery for all women, all ages. No matter what the length of their hair, women have taken the plunge, and begun to shave off large portions of their […]

The Revolution is Here!

03 Mar
Guelph Hair Salon services

Fashion is all about what’s new and exciting, so why is the technology behind our hair colour stuck in the past? Since 1907 we have been using the same ammonia based formula to permanently colour our hair. It’s only taken over 100 years but the revolution is finally here, and it’s called INOA. INOA by L’Oreal […]

This February: Surrender to Red

26 Jan
Guelph hair salon services

It couldn’t be a better time of year to give yourself a new look. February can be so depressing, and dark, and just blah! I suggest bursting back onto the scene as a seductive red head. Red, being the symbol of passion and excitement is sure to give your style a kickstart. Not to mention, […]