L’Oreal Colour Trophy Awards 2013


L’Oreal Colour Trophy Awards 2011

These are the photos that were taken for the Colour Trophy Awards. The team worked extremely hard in their preparations and they have been a pleasure to work with.[/threecol_two][threecol_one_last]Malkim L'Oreal Competition in Guelph[/threecol_one_last][threecol_one]Malkim L'Oreal Competition[/threecol_one][threecol_two_last]Our shoot was based on the L’Oreal 2010 fall collection,¬†a combination of structure and nature, and a contrast of warm and cool tones.

Our inspiration was the ocean, using aqua blues, seaweed yellow/greens, and beachy nudes to create a one of a kind palette.[/threecol_two_last]

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[threecol_one_last]We made it all the way to the semi-finals and could not have asked for a better opportunity! Thank you to everyone for being so supportive!